Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hanging on for all its worth!

As I recently pointed out, I've had one insane year of training. And I'm not about to let it all slip away!

This morning Amy had a wonderful post about how important it is to apply our training stubbornness not only to our running, but also to our recovery process. No letting up, do everything possible to get ourselves back in working order! And thats exactly what I'm doing.

I'm not sure if it was Amy's post, the fact it was likely (hopefully, please?) my last day on the exercise bike, or an unrelated burst of motivation, but I tore it up on that exercise bike this morning. Over the past week or two I've gotten much better at getting my heart rate up and keeping it there, even when I'm biking. Since I'm able to get my heart going, the cardiovascular benefit should definitely help sustain my running.

I've put in too much hard work to let it just slip away because of my hip. I'm holding on for all its worth; and its worth a lot to me!

Tomorrow is a rest day, then on Saturday I have my second run in eleven days. Eleven days! I can't believe I'm still sane. After my run in with some dishonest people the other day, I've been pretty put off by the level of cheating which seems to only occur within a certain group of people at my school. I've also been determined to get the guilty ones brought forward for what they're doing. A friend of mine jokingly told me: "You suddenly went from being a normal and happy person when you ran regularly, to not running at all this week and hating an entire race of people." Don't worry, I don't actually hate anybody. Nor am I racist, far from it. I just have a strong dislike for those trying to take the easy way out in life.

Here's to running in 48 hours!

And here's my workout details:

Time: 60 minutes
Distance: 24.25 miles
Avg Heart Rate: 158 bpm
Max Heart Rate: 175 bpm


Nancy said...

Great job on the old heart rate! I think it is never easy on different equipment, not like going for a run, but sounds like you made the best of it. Hope you are back running as scheduled!!

nwgdc said...

great post! i was laughing out loud reading the transition from joyful runner to "racist." All in good fun, and here's to a clear mind in 48 hours!

Anonymous said...

keep it together, doug! Your patience with recovery will pay off big time, keep your eye on da prize.

Marcy said...

Not running makes me a cranky B!! Hang in there buddy! Your 48 hrs will be up before you know it ;-)