Sunday, September 9, 2007

Recovery, group runs, ice cream, and a new training partner!

Hoooeyyyy, my legs do not feel pleasant today! Nothing feels like injury, just the usual aches and pains of the day after a long run. Quads are killing me, hamstrings are tight, that usual game. I did a lot of stretching today to at least loosen my legs up a little bit, and even made it out to my group run tonight, which ended up being an ice cream social afterwards!

The run hurt pretty good, but ultimately it helped loosen my legs up a little bit. Because of the ice cream social, a ton of people showed up tonight. One of whom will probably be a training partner for Boston. Its pretty rare to find other runners at my pace, but I knew there had to be some out here! But here's the catch: its a girl that can keep up with me. She's never really trained properly for a marathon, but has run around 3 hours. Talking to her I found out one of her goals is to run a 2:47 to qualify for the Olympic Trials! This reminds me a lot of high school, honestly, because back then my usual training partner was a girl who was the #2 cross country runner in the state. Needless to say, I'm pumped about having someone to train with!

Right now, my legs aren't feeling perfect, but they feel better than before my run. This recovery run is very much needed after this extremely intense week of training (see weekly recap, I'll be posting that right after this). I don't think I'll be running very many hard miles this week, and if I do I need you guys to start yelling at me!

I hope everybody else's training is going well!


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