Friday, September 28, 2007

Nine days

We're down to single digits people. Nine days until Chicago! Thats right, nine days until I try to run more miles in 3 hours than I've ran in the past 3 weeks. Does that make me nervous? Um, yeah. Just a little. Okay, I'll be honest: I feel a little like the average person would giving a speech to 1000+ people, naked.

I'm doing my best to stay on top of everything. Stretching and icing are happening several times a day, and I just got done on the bike. I only went 10 miles on the bike since I'm tapering. Generally I feel like I still have the fitness I had 3 weeks ago. My run on Tuesday didn't feel any harder, nor does biking. Its just that running currently tears apart my hip.

Homework is keeping me crazy busy, which is keeping me from worrying too much about the race. I'm looking at today through Sunday as having about 48 hours to work on everything (8 hours sleep, 16 hours work per day) and feel like that should help me at least make a dent in everything.

Yesterday was really productive; I got my big assignment done for today (16 pages typed) and a good start on my project for Graphics due next Friday. I still have loads of grading for Monday, Graphics homework due Tuesday, and Algorithms due on Wednesday.

All this means I need to stop typing and get to work. I hope everybody's running is going well.

I almost forgot! Make sure you go check out Amy and Tom's runner's lounge; its a great way to meet other runners, they've really put together a great website!



Jess said...

Oh jesus, you and the countdown -- it's making me nervous!

Nancy said...

I'd much rather speak to a 1000 people than run a marathon right now, as far as comfort zone. (although, it would have to be with clothes.) I love the speaking actually! However, I am TOTALLY jealous that you are going to run a marathon. I wish I was there, but I need a little more time, I think.

You are gonna do awesome, keeping busy is great for keeping your mind occupied.

Marcy said...

Ohhhhh yeah!! At least you'll be "naked" with a lot of other Bloggers. You're going to do awesome! I'm sure of it :-)