Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More miles to nowhere...

Okay. I admit it. I'm sidelined again.

After my long run Saturday lots of things hurt. If it was between my waist and my knee, it wasn't feeling very pleasant. However, as my quads and hamstrings healed up, one pain stuck around; my left hip! I ran Sunday because it all pretty much blended together. I took Monday off as per usual, and ran Tuesday because it felt better than Monday; and because I'm stupidly stubborn.

Today I decided to stop being so stubborn and admit that I need a break, again. Its really frustrating since I had to take a week off for my ankle just two weeks ago, but I gotta do what I gotta do. Running is only going to cause more harm than good right now, and thats what I gotta focus on!

I've been doing my wonderful icing, heating, stretching, tylonel(ing?) routine the past couple days, and its making progress. Especially since I jumped on the sweat machine (stationary bike) rather than running today. It actually felt good on my walk back from class, which is really promising since it was hurting pretty good on the way back yesterday. Tomorrow will be more time on the sweat machine, regardless of how good my hip feels, its getting the extra day off! I can't afford to take any chances with the marathon in 25 days.

My friend Stephanie also told me she had hip problems a little while ago and a massage fixed her right up. This Friday I have a massage scheduled with the lady she suggested. I figure best case: my hip works again, and worst case: I get a massage. So, um, I'll take it! I have extra birthday money laying around anyways!

Two days ago SLB gave me a motherly scolding about my diet. However, instead of giving him an "I knowwww mommmmmmmmm," I'm going to take his advice. I ordered the book he suggested pretty much right after he suggested it, since it was only $15 on amazon. Honestly, I thought I was doing pretty good for myself, but if I can revamp my eating habits in order to run faster and feel healthier, I'll take it!

Hope everybody's running is going good. Put in a few miles for me :)



Stuart said...

Hey man I am feelin' the love :)

Here's some more advice from the apron strings, ditch the Tylenol, grab some Aleve. As for your hip, you do not say where it is hurting, inside (groin), rear (glute), or outside (where the femoral head meets the acetabular) but it could be ITB or your hip flexors feeling the hurt, which would explain why biking feels ok; using your quads/calves for a change. Check if you gym has a foam roller and let loose on you ITB, if not, in the spirit of motherliness use a rolling pin in the same fashion, avoiding the bone itself; it's in the second drawer down on the left ;)

Tri+Umph said...

I went for Tylenol because I knew it works for me. It sounds like Aleve works for you. Don't fix what isn't broken :)

My hip is hurting on the outside, the last one sounds about right because its right where my femur goes into the socket. When I massage is right where it hurts, its right at that connection.

Its feeling great tonight though. Almost good as new. I'm still doing the bike tomorrow, and taking Friday off as I said earlier. This baby's gotta heal up 100%!

Jes said...

Aw man, I'm sorry about the injury. Have you tried using a foam roller? After my run on Sunday I was still feeling some hip pain on Monday. I took ibuprofen and used the foam roller probably about 5 times that day... each time I finished I felt a lot better. By Tuesday I felt back to normal!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, sorry about your hip. I actually want to schedule a massage for myself, but for me it's for my neck and shoulders (I hope a lot of tension there)!