Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Enjoying every step of it!

We've all heard the old saying "you don't know what you've got until its gone." For me, when training is going good I generally take for granted what I'm capable of. This last week though, I got that horrible taste of injury. Running was gone and I missed it!

Maybe I'll shut up about enjoying running again sometime in the next week or so, but I'm still loving every step of it!

This morning was 7 miles, two miles of which was on a pretty hilly stretch. All in all I averaged a little under 7 minute miles, but tended to speed up throughout the run. My ankle felt as good as before I twisted it, so I'm definitely back now. Jim kept telling me where the bad stretches of road were (read: pot holes), and a few people kept asking me about my ankle during the run, so every time I would start paying attention and ask:

Brain: "So, ankle, how ya doin'?!"
Brain: "Yessssss!" *fist pump* (think: Napoleon Dynamite)

Afterwards it felt completely normal, too, which is great since this was my first hard run since spraining it. Mentally I feel a lot better this week too, because without my endorphins I just get to feeling blah! I am an endorphiend, after all!

Current game plan: Recovery run tomorrow (AFTER my morning class, you know, when I can see the pot holes), Yasso 800's Thursday, 24 miles Saturday. Sunday is still up in the air, I want to run 10 miles, but due to my unscheduled run yesterday it would put me at a whooping 62 miles this week, and that could be begging for injury.

Happy running!



Who is SLB+? said...

Good news on the ankle, but as you allude to, don't over do it. Keep it real and stick to the plan.

Jes said...

I am so very happy for you! Your excitement about running motivates me. Thank you!