Friday, September 7, 2007

Rice, Pasta, Chocolate Milk, and Stretching

Ah, Friday. My much needed rest day this week. Because of my fun run on Monday, I've had workouts of some sort Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; three of which were difficult.

Today I'm mostly getting ready for my long run tomorrow; the game plan is 24 miles, the peak distance in my training. Starting last night, I'm making sure everything I eat counts. Nothing like poor diet getting in the way of a long run. This is especially difficult because I just got cookies in the mail from my family, and I had to limit myself to just a few until Saturday!

I can definitely feel my workout yesterday. I'm not horribly sore, but I can definitely feel it in my hamstrings. With a bit of stretching today, they shouldn't pose much of a problem tomorrow, especially since I plan to run the whole long run at an easy pace.

Tomorrow the run will be out at Todd's Road. I'm still trying to figure out exactly who I'll be running with, but someone will probably turn up. Its very hard for me to find someone to run with on these runs, since my relaxed pace tends to be a bit faster than other's. I know there are a few guys who will run 13-ish around my pace, so maybe I'll just end up doing the last 10 alone; I can handle that!

Unless something goes horribly wrong the next two days, this will undoubtedly be my highest mileage week ever. My current high is 52, and tomorrows run will put me at 51 for the week and I still have some miles to put in on Sunday.

Heres to rice for lunch, pasta for dinner, some chocolate milk, and a lot of stretching,



Nancy said...

Good luck on the LONG long run!!

Jes said...

Wow! How about passing some of that energy to me? lol

And that chocolate milk! (o;

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