Wednesday, October 24, 2007

At least there wasn't a line...

The roller coaster that is my life continues, but, as the title says, at least there isn't a line!

I woke up this morning with a little kink in my hip again. Nothing huge, but it was noticeable. Then on the way to class, my left IT band really started tightening up -- thats one I haven't had happen yet in this round of injury. At least its mixing things up and making it interesting?

I got the test I "rocked" back this morning too. I sort of, um, didn't rock it. Nobody did. High score: 127/200, average score 77/200. I fell somewhere between those two numbers, but at least I was above average, I guess? This morning left me in a pretty sour mood.

During my appointment today we got the kink worked out, at least. Mike said he could feel a really small knot in the muscles around my hip, about the size of a pea, but that sucker sure hurt like hell! Afterwards I feel good, nothing has hurt much since. One spot is sore to the touch, but movement doesn't hurt it at all.

The game plan right now is to go for a short run in the morning, a one hour massage in the evening, and another round with Mike on Friday. I might take the weekend off running, but I'm indecisive about it at the moment; we'll see how I feel after the next two days.

One of these days I'm going to go out looking for a foam roller to help out these legs of mine. I looked for one at Walmart the other day, but couldn't find them. Where can I find them at?

Theres been a few comments about joggling, too, after my last post. Um, no! Or as Marcy would say: ROFLMAOLOLHAHAHA, no!

Lets hope tomorrow is an up day on this roller coaster ride!


nwgdc said...

it's been, what, a week? I tell my patients to give me every other day for 3 weeks, and then we'll go from there. Personally, I'm very impatient when things don't get better immediately with my patients. It's one thing I need to work on. But don't worry, you're on the right track (you can feel that, I'm sure). the only other advise I would give, were you in my office, would be to get going on core stability exercises. And by this I'm pretty particular on specific exercises. I'll actually have more to show you after this weekend (working on adding it to our office's website), but in short, I'm all about the Side Bridge and Roll, the CORRECT sit up, and the bird dog, for starters. I'll try to email you with a better description. Deal?
Don't worry--if you check out the Laminator's blog, you'll see a killer video for NYC that makes me want to start running long again. WE just got done going long. It's going to take a little bit for everything to get rolling again. ONe thing I tell myself is that I've really only been seriously training since May. Before then, I put in the miles, but they were a bear, and it was a struggle. I'm not sure exactly when you started taking this stuff seriously (i'm guessing based on times it was before me, but not sure how long), but you just ran a 3:22 in 95 degrees! and you were banged up going in! the one thing i have learned is: RESPECT 26.2!
there are plenty of races in your future...for once think rationally--get the hip better and then worry about miles.
rant officially over.

Jess said...

Did the test get curved? Or, did someone ace it and through off the curve?

Nancy said...

I got my foam roller from PT guy but I think most people get them on-line. I would google it. Maybe you'll get back to one of our sites - hee hee.

Tri+Umph said...

He curves, but he refuses to assign letter grades to anything. He's told us anybody who gets a 90% or higher overall will get a guaranteed A, but that hasn't happened in 35 years.

I'm not counting on an A in that class anymore. Its not worth the insanity it will cause me. Everything I will need for my research from that class I've already learned this semester, whether he acknowledges that I know it or not.

Bill Carter said...

I bought my foam roller from a place on-line. I can't remember the name offhand, but I will try and get in touch with my PT chick and find out what it was. Foam roller does really work great.
Sorry about the injury challenges. I've been there with the whole IT band and that one sucks. I had it a couple years ago and it fortunately got better in a few weeks. I guess as runners were all just waiting for that next injury...

Hang in there.

Marcy said...

You know how I love my ROFLMAO LMAO LOL and HAHAHA's :P

You can get those foam rollers from and I think maybe might have them. Running Warehouse has free shipping so I'd check there first ;-)

Stuart said...

Good to see I'm not your only Mom; sound advice from nwgdc. FYI Foam rollers come in two colors; white is your everyday run of the mill one, black is the ninja foam roller of death, hard hard hard! After that you can graduate to tennis balls duct taped together....hmm yum!

Oh yeah and get the "long" roller 36"+; size really does matter!