Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Revved! Up!

The story of my week. Massive amounts of pent up energy and nothing to do with it; and I shouldn't be doing anything with it! I had a pretty restless night last night because of it, trying to figure out little details and how it will all work out. I can sleep in tomorrow as late as I want, though, so no harm done!

I ran today. I ran good. My hip ran good too. It hasn't hurt all day, and it felt great during my run. As per usual, we'll wait for the run to 'set in' tonight to see if I should actually be excited. But I'm excited enough that it recovered with just one day off, rather than the six it took last week. Progress!

My confidence is through the roof right now. Being the smart guy that I am, I set up the pace alert on my Garmin to yell at me to slow down whenever I ran too quick. It went off a lot. I would get into the run, then get beeped at and slow down, then get into it.. beep, slow down. But all in all it did keep me from running too fast during my run; Garmin saves the day! Every time I space out, my speed would go right to the low 6:50's. Thats race pace. And it feels good. Oh so good.

Besides actually running, I've been working on a list of what to pack today. Its a lot longer than I first anticipated, and I need to go to walmart to get some smaller containers so I can actually shower after the race. I think the other passengers on the plane would greatly appreciate it! I'm going to share my list of stuff to pack for two reasons: you guys can remind me of anything I'm forgetting, and anybody racing this weekend can see if they're forgetting anything important that I listed! Here it is:

Running Shorts
Running Shirt
Running Shoes
Running Socks
Gu x5 (1 before, 3-4 during)
Clothes for Saturday
Clothes for Sunday after the race
Something to sleep in
Stuff to grade (blarg)
iPod for the plane ride there
Throw-away hoody just in case its chilly (unlikely!)
Clif bars + fruit (so I don't eat like crap on Friday)
Bathroom stuff (in < 3oz containers)
Safety Pin (attach Gu's to shorts pocket)
Cell Phone
Cell Phone Charger
Garmin Charger
Confirmation Ticket for Expo
Flight confirmation
Map to Louisville Airport

I know I have to be forgetting something, regardless of the list being so long!

Tomorrow I may run 2-3 miles at an extremely easy pace, if my hip is feeling rock solid. It will help me build up more confidence; as if I need it!

My flight leaves in 48 hours. I'm more excited than ever! Its time to rock, people. We have a 26.2 mile celebration to attend!


Marcy said...

Someone said it's supposed to be in the 80's there? Dude, looks like you did a good job with the list. Are you going to need Body Glide or bandages for the (you know)?

Tri+Umph said...

I have never needed them before, lets hope this isn't a first.

Nancy said...

DUDE, no body glide??

Yeah, check the forecast for any last minute changes in weather.

Lists are a good thing, confidence throught the roof is a great thing!!

Can't wait to read it here.

Jes said...

What about sunblock? I imagine that sunburn on top of sore muscles wouldn't feel so great.