Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Physical Therapy: It Begins

I decided to go with KORT for my physical therapy. I like the idea of them being a bigger organization, in case I stump one guy, it should be easy to get transferred to another one without huge problems.

So far, I like what I'm seeing. My PT, Rob, isn't a runner, but he seems to know his stuff. He's also very good at explaining at exactly what is going on with my problems, and the technique he is trying to fix it. I like understanding it, its my body after all! He seemed surprised that I, unlike every other runner, was okay with taking time off. It just took me two months to come to this nightmare-ish realization!

He did some strength tests on my legs, and my left leg is significantly weaker than my right in a lot of areas. Especially when it comes to my abductors and TFLs. Hopefully with some exercises, stretches, and some persistence on my part we can get this part of the puzzle fixed. I'm doubting this is the whole problem, but it is a problem to address.

Also, he's trying a technique called ASTYM. I don't remember what it stands for, except there wasn't a word for the Y. He said I was the first patient to ever ask about that, ha! ASTYM is used to break up scar tissue. I'm not overly enthusiastic about it, because, well, thats what A.R.T. was for too. The main difference is that it is done to the entire leg, not just the problem area.

Man, did that stuff hurt. He put something on my leg, cocoa butter, I think he said it was, and then used these plastic tools to break up the scar tissue in my leg. He mentioned girls don't like to have it done usually, because of how it really bruises up the leg. At first I was thinking "aha! Those silly girls!" but yeah, it really bruised up my leg; no joke! I might take some pictures of my leg later just to get some revenge on Nic for posting the picture of his disgusting toe!

But there is more to the ASTYM system than simply skinning me alive. I also have to drink lots and lots of fluids; but I already have that covered. I don't think I've peed anything with color in it for years. Okay, maybe its not THAT bad! There is a list of 8-10 stretches I need to do 4 times a day, too. I like this, too, because its very specific about what I can do on my own time to help my recovery. Before it was just "well, don't run. Or do. Whatever." Now I have a checklist I can go through. I can be very, very active about my recovery.

I also have a patch on my hip for the next 24 hours or so. Its pumping it full of steroids, hopefully helping it heal up a little bit. The medicine I was on recently was steroidal, and seemed to help. With the patch, though, it stays in this immediate area and is much more focused. Hopefully this change will make it help even more.

For now, I have several days until our next appointment on Tuesday. Until then, just a lot of stretching, hydrating, icing, and dreaming about being back on the roads.

On a completely unrelated note: Marcy, the Google result for "butt massager" was so your fault. The text Google found was from YOUR comment! And yes, when I looked at the search page, there were very, ah, interesting things surrounding my blog. My search was listed as slightly more relevant than vibrators. Thanks Google!


Marcy said...

Sounds good so far homie!!! ;D ;D

What?!?!?! It was sooooo not me :P LOL Didn't you use the words "butt" and "massage" in your posts?

Bill Carter said...

It is pretty freaky how asymmetrical our legs are. I know that my left leg is longer and stronger than my right and for this reason, all my problems are on my left side. It is a very cool thing that you are learning so much about your body. I'll admit that I've learned alot about all this stuff just from reading your blog.

Hang in there.

Jess said...

We can all count on Marcy to boost our readership ways.