Sunday, October 28, 2007

Restful Weekend

I'm not going to lie. I have really rested this weekend. And by really rested, I mean I've been an absolute bum. It has been everything I had imagined it would be when I was working my tail off the past several weeks!

I've been doing a lot to try and fix up this hip. I'm hitting it with all I got. My legs are getting foam rollered (hey, thats a word whether you believe it or not, spell checker!) quite a bit, along with my back. As a result, my legs are feeling pretty good! Also, this roller is just the key thing I've been needing to pop a part of my upper back that really needed it!

Ice and heat has been a key component of my weekend too. I'm really hammering away at this hip, and its feeling good. It felt especially good after I slept for 11 solid hours Friday night. Yesterday I started up on the Medrol again, which helped it big time a month or so ago. Hopefully with a combination of adequate rest, ice, A.R.T., foam rollering, massage, Medrol, and low, easy mileage, we can finally get this injury to get on out of here!

Right now it feels pretty good. I haven't felt pain in it for a few days, although every now and then it feels 'off' and I'm not quite sure how to explain it. Maybe its in my head. I don't know. We'll find out in the end, hopefully.

Other than taking care of this hip, I've spent too much time playing video games and a little time practicing the juggling; its surprisingly addictive, and I'm starting to get kind of good at it.

Productivity wise, I got a lot of grading done today. After grading the lab tests and programs, I swore I had a big stack of quizzes to grade -- nope! It was all in my head. Nice surprise to end the day!

After this low key weekend, I'm feeling rested and ready to tackle whatever the world throws at me. I'm no longer in the zombie-like state of last week, which is a nice treat!

Right now my game plan is to run tomorrow evening, then I have A.R.T. after class on Tuesday. I've had five days completely off from running and biking, so hopefully it will be enough for it not to get too aggravated over a couple easy miles.

Update: Not running tomorrow. Mike is just going to have to deal with that.


Jess said...

It's awesome to have a weekend like that!

Nancy said...

You needed a weekend like that. I'm SO jealous. Love it.

nwgdc said...

11 hours. that is fantastic. i love those days!