Monday, October 15, 2007

Exams, Evaluations, & the Chiropractor

Sounds like a scary day, huh? Yeah, for wusses! Today was perfect!

This morning I found out my supervisor for the lab I teach was going to be evaluating me today. I was a little nervous, because she's basically a grouchy lady who nit picks about every little detail. I just knew she was going to tear me apart on one thing or another. Well, she didn't find anything. A more perfect evaluation doesn't exist. She gave a few minor pointers, but I like some feedback anyways. Doug 1, world 0!

Next up was my first. graduate. school. test. ever! I studied for it all weekend, and narrowed it down to just a few questions he could ask that I wouldn't know. I must have prayed to all the right deities, because none of those questions showed up! Yeah. I rocked it. First person done, and I'm going to punch myself in the face if I didn't get an A. I'm that confident! Doug 2, world 0!

After class I got an email from the director of graduate studies, that was sent out to all graduate students and faculty. They caught 8 cheaters in graduate level classes and are going to town on them. I suspect 7 of them are in my graphics class, because the prof. is starting to catch on to what has been going on. Maybe because I tipped him off after that one student asked to copy my homework? I like to think so. Doug 3, world 0!

Now the big news: my trip to the chiropractor today! Everything went exactly as I thought it would. We sat down and talked about my injury's history, what I've tried to fix it, and how I eventually ended up in his office. He thought A.R.T. was definitely the right approach for fixing this up, good call Nic!

He had me go through some different motions to check what was working right, and what was wrong. Pretty much everything looked fine, except one thing. He had me sit down with my back and butt flat up against the back of the chair. Sitting this way, my left knee didn't come out as far as my right knee. My pelvis is tilted slightly, and this is what has likely been causing my injury.

After finding this, we went through a lot of A.R.T. motions, where he would really dig into the sore spot while I moved my leg in very specific motions. Some of them really hit the tender spot in my hip good. He even commented a few times "that was a good one!" before I even said anything, so apparently he's doing something right!

I also had him pop a spot in my lower back that had been hurting a little bit. It might have been in my head, but ever since Nic suggested I might have something wrong with my SI joint, it started to hurt. Whether it was in my head or not, getting it popped felt real good!

He also suggested I get out for a run tomorrow, to see how the hip holds up. Maybe I'll get my 27 minutes, just like Amy! I could sure use them!

The exclamation points have come back. Watch out world!



Bill Carter said...

I'm really happy for you. Isn't it amazing when every now and then (and maybe it only lasts a day or so), everything goes your way. I've gone to chiropractors in the past for all different kinds of things and they really can make a huge difference. I know for runners that one of things we constantly have to deal with is that our bodies get knocked out of whack by all the pounding.

It is going to be great to run tomorrow, but make sure you are a little careful and do your pre and post run stretching. You are definitely back in the game and we are glad to have you!

Btw, cheaters are losers.

Nancy said...

Great. I hope this chiro works for you. Glad you had such an exclamation point day !! :D

Jess said...

That sounds like you're the conqueror for the day!

Anonymous said...

Three in a row ... you know, after that weather god threw you in Chicago it is about time something rolls back your way.

I am so glad you had a good appt with your chiro. They are great, no?!! We are like soul mates on our injuries - so I will send you some good thoughts on your 27 minutes.

Warm those spots up well and stretch like a mad man before you go!

Take care,