Saturday, October 20, 2007

Executing the Plan, With Gusto!

Yesterday I stated my game plan to speed along my recovery this weekend. So far, I'm sticking with it to the T.

After my A.R.T. session really set in yesterday, my hip started feeling really, really good! As in, normal good. I've had periods where it hasn't hurt, but yesterday was the first time it really felt like a normal, functional hip! I can't really explain it, but it just felt a little off these past several weeks. Apparently hitting my glutes was the right course of action to take, because that was the main difference between what he did last time, and the times before.

But man am I sore today. Mike "The Man" Sullivan (thats what I'm going to call him, since he's bringing running back to me!) told me he was really going to town on my TFL and glutes yesterday, since I would have about 80 hours to heal up between visits. Although my hip is feeling good, my muscles feel pretty bruised up, as expected! Its good, though, because it is really encouraging me to stick with the massage, ice, heat, and icy-hot wanna be.

I jumped on the exercise bike again today for 40 minutes and really hammered away, but I'm not going to say how far because I might make Marcy jealous! It felt pretty good to get everything in motion since I took yesterday off. Stretched out really good before and after, too, as prescribed.

All I need to do now is keep at it, and go for my prescribed one mile run tomorrow. Just think, most of the population would complain like crazy if their doctor told them they were required to run a mile, and here I am wanting more! Maybe we really are crazy.

On an unrelated note, I've really started to get a kick out of the referring URL's I get from Google. Some of the most entertaining ones I've seen are:
  • runner ice cream
  • runner disease
  • dirty little cheaters
  • caught off guard photo (yikes! who's looking at this blog?!)


Nancy said...

Doug, where do you find the google info on what searches are leading people to you??

Glad you are sticking to the plan. And glad it seems to be working!!

Tri+Umph said...

Nancy, the counter I use on my site (look at the very bottom) tells me this information. Its through and its almost scary how much it tells me.

It says where you're from (well, actually, where your ISP is, but its close), how you got to my site, how long you were there, the name of your first pet, significant other, your darkest fears, and one secret you don't want anybody to know.

Well.. it tells me some of that, anyways!

Jess said...

So, Mike is like the Justin Timberlake of running? (Ya know, b/c JT brought sexy back and mIke brings running?! Gawd, I crak myself up.)

Stuart said...

Man your referring sites are totally off-whack! I am clearly doing something wrong! Maybe I need to put some subliminal text in my posts?