Monday, October 22, 2007

On Top of the World

Today is my day. Everything has gone my way. I even rhyme, no matter what I say. Sorry, I'm a dork, okay?

I studied like crazy all weekend for a test that scared the crap out of me. So what did I do? Thats right, I rocked it! Then I got an assignment back that I spent 10-15 hours on, swore I bombed it, but nope! Rocked that one too!

Then I met up with Mike "The Man" Sullivan for a little work on my hip. I told him the whole story of my weekend with regards to my hip and what not, and he tried a few things today to set things straight. He had my lay face down, and lift each leg up in turn as high as I could. One leg went up about 7 inches higher than the other. Woah, somethings out of whack! So he worked some magic and suddenly they were both the same!

I mentioned the strange popping I'm having, and he had a hard time tracking down exactly where it was coming from. I had to reproduce the pop about 10 times before he gave up on finding exactly where it was. Regardless of finding it, he adjusted my lower back a little bit, and its pretty much gone now! I tried to reproduce it again afterwards, and it happened maybe once out of 20 tries, as opposed to the 10 for 10 beforehand.

My glutes are definitely loosening up too, since I've been good about giving myself butt massages. No, Marcy, I still can't find a lovely lady to do it for me. I've been asking every one I see but they all give me a weird look and walk away (joke!). Hopefully that'll be all cleared up after I stick with it for a few more days.

Mike is making it sound like I'm almost better. He's even talking like I should be able to resume training as usual this weekend! Oh man, here come the exclamation points! Right now he's suggesting meeting again this week, then once more next week, and then its over!

Also on the forecast: Rain! And lots of it! We're supposed to get an inch tonight, and another half inch tomorrow. Sounds like I'm going to be sloshing around tomorrow, getting all kinds of "what is WRONG with you?!" looks from people who melt when they get wet!


Nancy said...

Sounds like you are going really great with the school work. AWESOME.

Thanks for your comments... You rock my face off? That one cracked me up. I'm sure it was the utmost compliment. :D

Glad to hear you are making progress with the hip. I am hobbling and wobbling around like a penguin today. hee hee, but it's all good!

Marcy said...

Maybe you're looking in the wrong spots?!? We'll have to hook you up! We WILL find you one! It also helps if you have vodka or any kind of mood altering beverage :P

Just out of curiosity what ARE you using to massage it? A tennis ball?

Jess said...

Good for you! It's always awesome to rock the week -- especially at the beginning: it sets the tone for the week.

Anonymous said...

Was interested in reading your blog because I've had that hip problem too and still do. It really hurt after my marathon in june. And anytime I have tried to put more than 8 miles in it really hurts. Was yours bothering you while you were training?

Anonymous said...

Yeah progress on the hip! Keep stretching and strengthening. Can you believe it has been 2 weeks since Chicago?

Tri+Umph said...

Marcy -- I suppose I am looking in the wrong spots. I'm sure you can imagine how many girls are in my computer science classes, and everybody I run with is married!

Coty -- My hip has been bothering me for about the past two months. My chiropractor says my problem is most likely due to high mileage on uneven roads. It started hurting exactly 4 weeks before Chicago.

Amy -- Nope, I sure can't believe its been 2 weeks! That hit me earlier the other day, too!

nwgdc said...

whoa, marcy...are you saying that a girl need be intoxicated to be interested in butt massaging doug? Ouch!

Bill Carter said...

I remember those school days like they were yesterday. I know that people like to complain about their jobs ( I happen to like mine just fine), but going to school is like 2 jobs. You're there all day and then you go home and study or write papers. Congrats on tearing it up!

I'm glad to hear that the hip is getting better. You had better get that thing fixed because when you come to Michigan we're definitely going running. We don't have a whole lot of great places, but we do have one that is really special to me. It is called the Paint Creek trail and is an old railroad line. It is a great hard packed trail that has tons of wildlife across its 9 miles. I love to do the there and back with a little downtown add on for a 20+... So get that hip fixed and lets see about doing some running.

I'm also glad to hear that you are considering doing Myrtle Beach. I love that race and if you do it, we will have a blast.