Saturday, October 13, 2007

Up In the Air

Right now it seems like so much is up in the air. I'm doing what I can to control the different variables, but theres only so much I can do.

First, my running is up in the air. Right now it seems like everything is relying on what my chiropractor tells me on Monday. Maybe it will be a quick fix and I'll be running again Tuesday morning. Maybe I'll need to take another week off. Maybe a month. Who knows? And yes, if he tells me to, I will take a month off. Its a price I'm willing to pay to get back to enjoying running worry free. I haven't been able to do that for well over a month; even when I am running, I'm constantly worrying about this hip! It can really drain the fun out of it all.

I'm doing what I can to take care of my hip this weekend. Staying off of it, icing, heating, and massaging. I stopped taking Aleve because I think my body needs a break of trying to filter all the medicine out. I started taking an Omega-3 supplement too, which Runner's World swears up and down helps joints, especially for those who don't eat much seafood.

My grades feel like they're up in the air too. I know I shouldn't be too worried about them, but a little bit is healthy. Right now I have A's across the board, no worries, right? Yeah, well, midterms are this week. I know from the outsider's view its simple "study and you'll do fine, stop worrying about it!" In fact, I frequently tell my sister the same thing! I am studying, and I know I probably have absolutely nothing to worry about. I know how to study, and I'm good at taking tests. Here's the catch:

I've been telling people for the past couple months that I'm going to decide whether I'm going the Masters or PhD route when? Yeah, you guessed it. After midterms. Its only the biggest decision I've ever had to make in my life. I keep going back and forth with it. One part of me wants to just get on with my life: get a job, start making real money, stop being a poor college student. However, I do enjoy school; most of the time. I'm pretty sure I'm at the top of two of my three classes, both of which are related to my research area. Yesterday morning I was leaning towards the Masters route, but last night and today I'm leaning the other way. Ugh!

Sorry for going way off topic, but getting all of it out there helps get my thoughts in an organized manner; I'll take input too. I know a few of my readers either have or are going for their PhD; did you go through this same struggle when making the decision?


Nancy said...

Doug - I was a poor college student once. I had a chance to go to medical school but I decided I was tired of being poor. And I was already a pharmacist so I had a career and no real need to go further. Much, much later, I was feeling unfulfilled and ended up going back for my doctorate in pharmacy. I did this while married and having kids. Everything worked out and I am so happy I went back. Having said this though, it is darn hard to go back once you are out. You will never never never regret further education, I can almost guarantee you that. My advice would be to do it while you are young. But, I can totally understand wanting to get out and get on with it. Good luck, whatever you decide !!

Anonymous said...

I agree with nancy....and I am oh-so-poor right now so I understand the financial part. I worked and had a great job before going back to medical school. What did it for me was the fact that there was this nagging in the back of my mind that said "I wonder if I could have been a doctor if I tried?" I decided to find out. Good luck with your decision and let it be one that is true to who you are and what you want...not a decision that comes from the pressure of others. People tell you what you should do all the time, but when you say "well, why didn't you do it (since you obviously feel so strongly about)"...well then, it's a different story. Be true to you.

Marcy said...

ITA with Nancy! Once you're out it's hard to go back. I can't imagine trying to go back now that I'm married with kids. Either way, you're still so young (God I'm making myself sound ancient :P) you have PLENTY of options :-) Good luck in your decision :-)