Thursday, October 11, 2007


No, don't worry. I don't have a secret that you don't know about. I'm talking about Post Marathon Syndrome, as Tom eluded to in his post today.

I'm not depressed, no worries there. I just can't concentrate on anything today, and I really don't feel like concentrating on anything! Maybe this is how most people (non runners?) feel all the time, but I'm here right now and I don't like it.

Originally I planned to start studying for midterms next week, but that simply isn't happening. I gave it a shot after lunch today, but ended up taking a nap for an hour instead.

Now for dinner, I didn't feel like going through the trouble to make pasta. You know, the second easiest meal in the world to make? I went with the easiest meal in the world, and made some peanut butter and jelly.

My recovery is going fairly well. The massage yesterday apparently cleared up all problems in my quads and hamstrings, but it was abruptly replaced with some real tightness in my calves. I'm guessing yesterday I was running different since my legs were hurting, and it put some strain on my calves.

Also, since theres less pain around it now, I'm starting to feel a slight pain in my busted left hip again. Its not bad, about the same as it was a week or so ago, but its present. At least I can afford to take time of now; although if this 'blah' feeling is from not running, maybe running would be worth the little bit of damage it'll do to my hip? I think I'll hit the exercise bike tomorrow to at least get a little endorphin shot.

Time to get back to thinking about grading or studying!



nwgdc said...

where exactly is the pain in your hip? with a bit more info, i might be able to tell you if an adjustment may help it clear up. a lot of times hip pain is really the result of SacroIliac Joint pain (part of your pelvis) and will get better almost immediately. it's one of those "voila" moments in a chiropractic office.

Nancy said...

I'm supposed to be studying, too. Yuck.

Jes said...

Oh my goodness that dancing banana is going to be in my head all day now! LOL I hope that you feel better and enjoyed your yummy PB&J (might I also suggest PB and honey... soooo good!)

Marcy said...

I can't remember, are you going to do anymore races this year?

Jess said...

They call it "marathon blues" and it's quite common. I've been feeling the same way all week -- it's like, how can everyone continue with life as usual after all that went on on Sunday? I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.