Monday, October 1, 2007

Getting Antsy

You know the way little kids start jumping around when they are in the vicinity of candy? Yeah. Thats me. Except instead of candy, you have a marathon. And instead of jumping around... no, you still have jumping around. But nobody has caught me -- yet.

I woke up today and my hip was feeling pretty okay. It wasn't perfect, but the usual pain wasn't there. It shifted a little bit and felt like it was in the muscles, so I stretched and it mostly went away. I walked to class, and when class let out it felt wonderful. I took the elevator upstairs to make some copies of stuff and was bouncing up and down with energy. I couldn't help it. I just have to act like a civilized human being that isn't running a marathon in SIX DAYS when people are around.

I'll admit to running today, too. I went out for an easy couple miles after class. I couldn't help it -- full of energy, hip feeling good, and it was raining on my walk back. It was the rain that forced me to go out and run. But, my streak continues. Whenever it looks like it might possibly rain, or IS raining, it will stop when I put on my running shoes. Maybe Chicago will be different; there is a chance of rain in the forecast. If it doesn't, though, the other 45,000 normal runners who hate rain can thank me.

So, how is my hip feeling you ask? Well, pretty good. It feels about how it felt yesterday. I'm keeping it stretched and that makes it feel pretty good. The discomfort that is there is still feeling more in the muscles than right on the hip joint -- much more tolerable! I noticed today too that I have a really tender spot on my waist about 3 inches above the hip joint (where it usually hurts). I'm starting to massage it, hoping the two are related.

The rest of me felt amazing during this run. Absolutely perfect -- as it should since I'm completely healed up right now. I didn't watch my Garmin too much during this run, I just ran how I felt and tried to "keep it slow." I didn't do a very good job at keeping it slow. I won't go into the details, but I might have, sorta, accidentally, ticked off a mile at race pace when trying to keep it slow. It only builds my confidence. Watch out!

As long as my hip keeps feeling good this evening, its just going to keep going through the roof. I'm getting more pumped up every day, and its getting to dangerous levels!

I also want to mention that my friend Lewis rocks. I asked him to take me in Friday night so I had somewhere to sleep, and he's offering to help out in every possible way on Saturday! Also, he's a great guy to have on the side lines as one of my cheerleaders, since he was the school mascot where I got my undergrad. He's one high energy guy!

Everything is falling into place. I'm ready to rock.

But for now, I have to proctor an exam. Its in a huge auditorium, and if I catch any of these kids trying to cheat, maybe God will show a little mercy -- but thats the only place they're going to find any!

Update: After pacing around up and down stairs proctoring the exam, my hip is feeling a little off. Time for the usual prescription of ice and taking it easy! I'm planning to run again on Wednesday, then taking it easy until race day. I also have a go ahead to start taking the medicine again that knocked my hip into line a week or so ago, starting Thursday.


Tigerlilly said...

Have a great time!! .. and I love those quotes! which one made it to your shirt?

nwgdc said...

damn man you're getting me all giddy, and i'm starting to piss off my wife! that's it, no more blog checking.

Jes said...

Less than a week! I'm so excited for you!!!

Jess said...

Yeah, it's hard to hold yourself back this week. After I did my 3 last night, I kinda wanted to turn around a do a few more miles, but I know at this point, the fewer the miles, the better.

nwgdc said...

hey doug! i think my wife and i will be heading to the expo at about the same time you are! we're leaving from plymouth (2.5 hour drive down to chicago) at around 8:30/9:00--probably 8:30 as i'm going to be too excited....--so we'll be down there around 11 or 12. when plans finalize, i'll let you know. let's try to meet!

Nancy said...

are you giving us a bib number so we can watch your progress??

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Doug. I have been keeping good thoughts for you. Back at the chiro the last few times, he has been doing deep message in the Iliotibal muscles around my hip. It hurts like no one's business but has really helped speed along the recovery. Any good Personal trainers to help you work out the kinks in the next few days?

You are going to do great and have fun!