Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Conversation with my legs

I woke up today, a day I'm supposed to run, and it was raining! Hallelujah! It was meant to be! I love running in the rain, but it always stops when I put my shoes on. Not today. My rain repellent finally wore off!

Once running, my brain and legs had a little conversation:

Brain: Okay, Legs, today is nice and easy. None of that fast stuff, don't even think about it.
Legs: Roger that, captain!
Legs: Not even a little bit? It's raining. You know how you love running in the rain.
Brain: Nope, nice and easy! None of your tricks today!
Legs: Okay okay.. but we're feeling so rested... you remember how good it feels, don't you?
Brain: I have a slight recollection, yes.
*Legs speed up for a few strides*
Brain: Ohhh...... thats the spot.... Ahem! No, no fast running today!
Legs: Are you suuure?
*Legs speed up for a few strides again*
Brain: .... .... .... okay, fine, but just for a little while!
Legs: Yesss!
*Legs speed up again*
One mile later:
Brain: Alright, thats enough. Lets slow it down a little bit.
Legs: ...
Brain: Hey! You listening?
Brain: Ease off it!
Brain: .... *gives up*
Legs: LEGS 2, BRAIN 0!

Well, thats enough personification of my body parts for the year. At least I didn't give them actual names!

I ended up running 2.3 miles, according to my trusty Garmin. Mostly around campus, getting weird looks from people huddled under umbrellas up on the way to class. I love those weird looks, and I'm not sure I can really explain why! Afterwards my hip is still feeling good. The only real discomfort is a bruised feeling the chiropractor told me to expect. Worst case scenario: a spot he didn't get to starts hurting, I take note of where it is, and have him work it out tomorrow! I feel like the road to recovery is coming to an end!



Nancy said...

I love those looks too. Makes me feel crazy strong. Or maybe just crazy and strong. Either way, it's something most wouldn't do and it makes me feel really good!!

I wish my legs had a mind of their own. :D

RunToTheFinish said...

Rightie and Leftie talk back to me all the time, sometimes you just have to give them what they want.

Jes said...

I love this post! Man, I need a good run in the rain now! Glad you are feeling good!

Bill Carter said...

Oh, I live for those "You must be crazy!" looks. A few weeks ago I had jury duty and ran past some of my fellow jurors at lunch. It was raining pretty hard that day also and man do I love running in a nice light rain. Glad to hear your feeling better. Injuries are a real bummer, but it sounds like you've just about got this one beat.

Jess said...

I like running in the rain, but only for bit. Once my clothing is soaked and chafing, I'm done.