Monday, October 29, 2007

Why I Ran

We all have the reasons we run. It is a common blogging topic, its fun to talk about. However for me it is more in the past tense lately. I can barely call myself a runner anymore, my running has completely collapsed. Maybe I was too relentless. I've decided to become more relenting.

A big reason I've always enjoyed running is because it makes my body work better. I feel healthier. If I'm running late for something, I can run there and not be out of breathe. If its raining and some friends want to run wherever we're going, one of them will turn it into a race, then I'll kick their butts and make it look easy.

But lately, this is not the case. For the past two months I have been babying this hip. I can't run across the street to catch a break in traffic. If I'm running late, then I'm late. I can't hurry, I'll hurt my hip. Running is having the opposite effect of what it used to.

I also love the aspect of running that hard work pays off. You can go out for a run, it might hurt when you're doing it, but you feel like a champ later. I conquered the elements. I beat that side stitch. I tackled that hill. I beat myself from last week. Then the endorphins kick in and I'm on top of the world.

But now theres another stage, that always occurs after I'm on top of the world. My hip starts hurting again. Every time. Without fail. And it never hurts until I'm feeling on top of the world. It waits, patiently, until I'm built up before it brings me crashing down. This, also, is the opposite of what running should be. I feel good during, and bad afterwards. Its like alcohol. You have fun one day, then pay for it the next. It doesn't follow the reasons I enjoy running.

I'm completely frustrated with this cycle of running, feeling optimistic about my hip, then crashing down. I'm done with it for a while. I've proven time and time again a week off is not enough for my hip to heal up. Maybe it needs two weeks, three, four? I don't know. Nobody does.

Right now I feel as if A.R.T. is only treating the effect of some elusive cause. Even when my hip doesn't hurt, it feels off. I can't explain it. If you've ever broken a bone, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It more than hurts. Something just doesn't feel right. After my extremely restful weekend, it still feels off. There isn't really any pain, maybe a little when walking up hills, but thats mostly subsided. Although, I can guarantee you if I go out for a run, it is going to flare up. Something is mechanically wrong.

I'm strongly considering finding someone new to look at my hip. Nothing against Mike, but I want someone else to wrap their brain around it. Maybe a new perspective on it is just what is needed.

If anybody has suggestions, I'm open to them. As long as they don't involve running. I'm officially on break.


Nancy said...

You know, Hon, this sounds like what I am going through too. I am so tired of it. I get up from the computer hobbling, the ART killed me and didn't help, I can run, but it kills me when I get back, my guy is saying the next stop may be an xray, just to see if there really is something mechanically wrong. It made me think that way for you when you said something just isn't right. Just a thought?? Maybe a sports medicine guy? I'm not sure where to go next yet either... I'll keep you posted.

The Laminator said...

Hey, man...I feel for you. It sucks when something so simple and pleasurable as running gives you so much pain afterwards. If you've done everything you can do to treat this thing, maybe it is time to hand it over to a specialist. I think a good sports medicine doctor would be most appropriate. Just my two cents. Best of luck in finding your way back to the roads.

RunToTheFinish said...

I feel your pain seriously! The suggestions I always got were to see if there was something else that i could put my energy in to...what about swimming or biking? Not sure how your hip would feel with those, but might be worth a shot. then when it rains, you can umm swim down the street faster.

Stuart said...

Doug, it sounds like you are where I was at back in June, you're probably familiar with my story but the first thing the PT said was NO RUNNING, it was also the second and third thing she said as well; the ban lasted 6 weeks. You know for what it was worth it was music to my ears, I think, looking back I was overtrained; maybe you are too. My 2c; it's time to tackle the cause head on and stop treating the symptoms, do some research - look for a good PT Group, see your GP, get a referral and go from there, self help and chiropractic care will only take it so far. Hang up your shoes and invest you running energy into getting better.

Tri+Umph said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, it means a lot to me!

I am already looking into a good PT. A friend I run with is a semi professional rock climber, and climbs with a hand PT, who is part of a group. She's getting in touch with people to see if she can find anyone to help me.

If not, I know plenty of runners who would have knowledge on PT's in the area; unless they all miraculously never get injured!

Marcy said...

I'm sorry homie!!! Injuries SUCK. No doubts about it. I TOTALLY feel your pain though. I feel like I've been MIA from running since early August. Yeah sure I made a couple stupid attempts here and there but they were all crapola. Now here I am . . . . 2-3 months later starting all o-v-e-r. Blah. Hang in there buddy!

I think it would definitely be wise to get a second opinion. Someone make you better already!!!

And yes you TOTALLY need to do a snot rocket pictorial for me. For some reason I don't it would work with my snot. It's too watery or something. Wow, that's really gross LOL

Arcane said...

I've been getting ART for knee and have been following your treatments with some interest. I feel the same way. It seems to keep things in check but it doesn't quite "fix" what's wrong. A break might do you some good.

nwgdc said...

grrrr i hate the nagging crap. sorry it's lingering so much! as long as you're good by early october '08 i'm cool with whatever you find!

P.O.M. said...

I'm having some serious hip things going on and am thinking about going to a PT. I know I need to, I just dno't want to be told to not run. But I think I need to get serious about dealing with this too.

Keep us posted so I know what to expect :)