Sunday, October 21, 2007

One Mile

Yep. I did it. I ran one mile. One mile at an easy pace. One mile in 8:04.

And I'm thoroughly convinced it was the most pointless thing I've done this year. I didn't break a sweat. I wasn't even close to breathing hard. When I finished I just folded my running clothes back up and put them in the drawer, because they really didn't need to get washed. The run was entirely a tease.

My hip felt mostly okay during the run. Theres a little pain in my TFL, but I think thats because it still feels bruised from my last ART treatment. Afterwards it feels exactly the same as before, because, as I said, it was rather pointless to run for one mile.

One thing that has changed, is that since I did my stretches yesterday something feels a little off. It doesn't hurt, but something keeps popping anytime my left hip goes from bent to straight. Since that started happening, my hip generally feels uncomfortable, and I'm not sure how else to describe it.

On a completely unrelated note (these seem to happen very frequently), I woke up this morning with an idea I can't get out of my head: I want a dog. Maybe I can blame Jess for this one. I've had one my whole life since I was 10 years old, and dogs are awesome!

Although, for now theres nothing I can do about it. My apartment complex doesn't allow any pets, whatsoever. They don't even want us to have fish. On the plus side, this gives me about 9 months to think about if I really want one, if I have the time, money, etc. Also, I have more than enough time to find a new apartment complex for next year.


Marcy said...

Ohhhhhh let me just take a wild guess (in reference to the last post) 16-17 miles? I'll shoot you LOL JK!! This is not a surprise to me, since you DO run fast. Like the bike would be any different? ;-)

I've been having the same thoughts lately. About wanting a pet (I want a bird though LOL) but realistically (for me) I'd probably go insane. 2 kids is like having 2 wild animals in itself :P

Nancy said...

Ohh you cracked me up. You put the running clothes away?? Hilarious. You know what? My hip is popping some too. PT guy stretched me and there was the huge pop. His eyes got kind of wide and said, you better get up and see if you can walk. Not a good thing when they say that to you. My guy, though, is saying something similar, need to be strengthening different areas because there must be something off balance or compensating for a weaker muscle. Hang in there, we'll get this thing licked.

I have a little PITA dog (pain in the ass) that I could let you borrow and it would cure that doggy urge right up! HA.

nwgdc said...

i'm going to attempt to run only 2 miles tonight...wish me luck!