Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ready for Take-off

I'm ready for the weekend; everything is in line. Remember that list yesterday? Its all ready except for my sunglasses, which I plan to wear. Plans are set for Friday evening and Saturday. I've gone over the race day plans with my family; thanks to Tom for some extra spectator tips!

All I have left to do until the race is take care of myself: eat good, don't get hit by a car, and don't piss off anybody who is bigger than me.

I decided against a run today. My hip is feeling good, but I'm not feeling as antsy as yesterday so I decided to take the day off -- don't want to do any unneeded damage this close to the big day! A few miles isn't going to benefit me at all right now.

As you might be able to tell, I'm mellowing out a little bit. The overwhelming excitement is temporarily taking a backseat; its still there, I can feel it, but I beat it back for the evening so I can get a little grading done.

Believe you me, it will be back in full swing tomorrow! I have class at 8, then several hours to get everything together, office hours from 1-2, class 2-3, then I leave for the airport! This weekend is going to be great, getting to see family (including my Uncle Bill, who I haven't seen for ages), friends, runners from the blogging community, and runners from Nike+. Even if I wasn't running the race, this would be a great weekend; but its because of the race everything is coming together; I love it! (Okay, so maybe I'm not mellowing out, I went crazy with the exclamation points there! (crap, again))

Thanks to everyone who has helped with encouraging words and advice, I really appreciate it! The support really helps out, especially when suffering through injury. You guys rock!

Expect one last post tomorrow before I head out, then you'll get a break from me for a few days!


nwgdc said...

it's gonna be great! the weather is going to be perfect (i don't even care what weather we get--it won't matter!). whoa, i think i caught the exclamation point-itis from you! you'll rock the house, and bust out a 2:54:37--my predicition. talk to you saturday.

Nancy said...

Hope you aren't on your feet for all that class time. Take it easy if you can??!

Hope you get the grading done...

Anonymous said...

Good luck! You'll do great :)