Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Round Two with Active Release Technique

Today was my second treatment with A. R. T., and it went well. I'm feeling a lot better from the treatment on Monday, but there were still some sore spots that are sticking around. Today he dealt mostly with those, and I'm feeling really good now!

We started with applying heat to my hip, to make it all more pliable. Then did more A.R.T. stuff, where he would apply pressure and have me do very specific movements with my leg to break up the scar tissue. He makes it sound like he can really feel the scar tissue when we do this, which helps me visualize it more than "it hurts when I do this."

After this he did some things to stretch out my lower back. I'm not sure how much it helped, but it felt pretty good.

Then he busted out the ultra sound. This is supposed to help both with reducing inflammation and breaking up scar tissue. I can't really say how well the ultra sound worked, but all in all what he did seems to have helped, its feeling even better now than before!

I scheduled another appointment for Friday, which will hopefully be my last one. It sounds as though my insurance is going to cover nearly all of the expenses, too, which is a nice treat!

Tomorrow is another run. I'm thinking 4-5 miles at an easy pace. Yes. An easy pace. You hear that Legs?! Yes, I know its going to rain tomorrow, but the slower I go, the longer I get to enjoy it, right?

Also, this morning was more time on the exercise bike. I sat on it for 30 minutes and really hammered away. I think I averaged about 23 mph or so. My hip felt better after biking, too, maybe it helped get blood to my hip? I don't know. I just know it seemed to help!

I'm going to be back before you know it!



Marcy said...

23 mph on the bike?!? You're insane LOL

Nancy said...

Good luck with that easy pace there, fella. We all know you.

Jess said...

It's good to hear that the treatments have been helpful!

Bill Carter said...

You better have a serious talk with those legs before you head out again. Like me, it sounds like it is really hard to anything involving running in moderation... that goes for both speed and distance. You just have to make yourself take it easy for a while and I know that is easier said than done... especially when the legs are involved. Glad your doing better.
Just a thought... I have done the Myrtle Beach Marathon the last 2 years and it is a great race. Flat and fast with cool people 2/16/08. If your going to do a spring marathon at least give it a thought.

Stuart said...

Glad to hear the ART is going well for you and that the hip is now pain free. I am a big fan of my Chiropractor who has kept me back, hips etc working without fault nearly all year. Without wanting to sound you Mum again don't get too wrapped in the moment, remember to treat the cause as well as the symptoms; core, X-train etc