Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Complete Randomness

Today is another day with no coherent theme. It happens.
  • Swimming last night was phenomenal. I think something clicked. For you experienced swimmers, it'll sound like no big thing. For the past week or so, I've been able to swim 25 yards, then usually take a break to catch my breath, and I could occasionally swim 50 yards, but the thought of 75 made me feel like I would vomit in the pool (I hear they don't like that). Last night, however, 25 felt trivial, 50 was doable, and 75 was challenging. But hey, its progress right?!
  • I need to post about running basics for Amy & Tom but haven't come up with anything yet, hopefully I come up with something tomorrow!
  • Last night I called home all excited to see what my parents thought about the Team in Training shin dig. They sounded kind of put off by the idea, which surprised me since my dad is in the medical profession. They're supportive of it if I decide to do it, but were by no means saying "All right! Great idea!" etc.
  • I did better than average on my entry exam for my CS505 class, without taking the prerequisites. Americans represent! (There are 3 Americans out of about 40 students in this class)
  • Tomorrow I'm attempting to wake up to run with some friends at 5:30am. Why did I agree to something like that? Something is wrong with my brain. The sun doesn't even come up until 7:30!
And finally, workout news for the day. This is a step back week, so the volume and intensity are getting pulled back a little bit, although I'm keeping the frequency of workouts the same. Monday I was feeling so great I had to go with it, but now I'm taking it easy until next Monday, promise!

Distance: 17.06 miles
Time: 45 minutes
Speed: 22.67 MPH
Average HR: 148 bpm

I'm wishing bike trainers weren't so expensive ($200 or so, I think). I'd much rather ride my own bike for my indoor workouts, plus I can trust the distance part of it, because Garmin calibrates it on my outdoor rides so it also works indoors. I have a feeling these numbers from the stationary bike don't mean anything compared to outdoor numbers, but they are at least meaningful when compared to other distances on the stationary bike.

Marcy - I'm feeling just fine "down there," the seat on the stationary bike is like a lazy boy compared to the seat on my usual bike! Also, thanks big time for the encouraging words about TNT! I'll find out more at the meeting on Saturday, but you have it about right. Raise X amount of money while training for the race, then do the race. I'll post more details when I get them on Saturday!

Nancy - Thanks for the words of caution. I've thought about it quite a bit, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it right? I feel like I know a lot of people all over the place, even outside blog land. Also, my family is quite large, has had quite a few run ins with cancer, and is generally rather generous. Although I do see myself having two disadvantages. First, I don't know anybody closely with Leukemia, so I don't have a great story to get emotions going. Second, with me most people won't think "wow! I can't believe Doug is doing a triathlon!" so they may not think its that impressive.

Jess - You do realize you, a college professor, just (jokingly) asked me, a college student, for money, right? Just wanted to make sure! ;)

Taryn and POM - Thanks for the good words about TNT! So far, I haven't heard of a single person having a poor experience with them. I don't know about you guys, but I'm all about meeting "cool peeps" as POM so accurately put it!


Nancy said...

Well, I certainly don't want to be a wet blanket on your enthusiasm, but you ARE a college student and I AM a mom so it's my natural tendency to worry. :D I'm sure you've thought about it tons, that's all I really wanted to hear. We'll be behind you 100% !!

Marcy said...

Dude, start making a habit out of those 5:30am runs. You'll love it LOL What's not to love about getting the dirty work over and done with for the day? But then again I'm not a college student either ;-)

Definitely let us know what's up with the TNT thang. I'd be interested in hearing about it :-)

My Life said...

5:30 is soooo dang early! Maybe something wrong with that brain? ;)

Funny your dad seemed weary of you and TNT... any specific reason? Do they know much about it? Maybe they just don't want you to add another thing onto your plate?

Amy@RunnersLounge said...


You know so much that I hope you share one nugget of wisdom that came out of your running in just the last year.

So glad the swimming is going well - I can remember the day that it finally clicked for me and became as natural as walking.

The trainers are so worth it. I have an older trainer, but can't use it now with my different model bike - but it so helpful to keep me on track. And it is just better riding on your own bike.

Kim said...

yay for TNT! i am a 3-time alumni and it was the best experiences EVA!!!! i got up and biked at 5:30am this morning and thought i was going to die!!! kudos to you for getting out there to run!

Stuart said...

Three words "Petzl TacTikka" well kinda three words...$$$ well spent!