Monday, January 21, 2008

Screaming for Mercy


Oh no. Not me. Not even close.

The stationary bike.

I'm fairly certain I ground it down to the very last inches of its life. Then I started the second half of my workout.

Here's the damage report:

Time: 1 hour
Distance: 26.85 miles
Speed: 26.85 MPH (Just for you, Steve!)
Average HR: 161 bpm
Max HR: 175 bpm

"Why, Doug, why would you do such a thing to that poor bike?" you ask? I'm going to blame it on Again to Carthage, the sequel to Once a Runner. Last night I plopped down around 11 to read a chapter or two before going to bed. I finished the book around 2am, and couldn't believe three hours had passed, but it was worth every second of it! So I went to sleep, dreamt about running all night, then woke up and re-read the last three chapters -- it was that good! It left me so motivated I had no choice but to hammer that hard on the bike!

In short, its a story about a fictional runner, Quenton Cassidy, who was a Olympic silver medalist in the mile. He lives a normal life for a while, but gets back into running. I'll leave the rest up to you guys to find out, but its definitely worth a read!

In other news, I got a massage schedule for Thursday after my run to get some of the kinks worked out of these legs. I figure it'll be a good way to complement an easy week! And, as Marcy & Bill had to ask before, it is a perfectly legal massage.

And finally, some pretty freaking sweet news if you ask, um, anybody. My family's vacation this year? Yeah we're probably going to Hawaii. Hells yeah! Is there any better treat after my first year of graduate school? I think not!

Marcy - I'll talk about my weight if I want to, punk! Just remember, I'm playing a different game; I'm making what appears to be a feeble attempt to gain weight, not lose it!

Christine - I haven't taken time to learn a flip turn yet. With my crazy out of control kick, my heart rate is usually up to 180 BPM after 50 yards (similar effort to running a 6:20 mile, rather out of proportion!). Not much point in a flip turn if I can only swim down and back!

Bill - It is pretty crazy balancing three different disciplines at once, but extremely rewarding so far! The thing I really enjoy is that I'm already doing a pretty high volume, and feeling 100% injury free! I barely even get sore after days I do doubles, which really has me baffled. I can't be getting my fitness back that fast!


nwgdc said...

congrats! from pictures I've seen, you have GOT to run the HURT Hawaii course ( The pictures look like you're on another planet.
congrats on the workout! DOMINATION!!!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Way to go! I really need to pick up that book. The bike is such a freeing exercise - legs like to feel fast!

Nancy said...

Great job!! I wonder if you should consider any cut back weeks to ward off injury? You're doing great though. I'd totally wait on the flip turns, they can take a lot out of you until you are really smoothe.

Hawaii ROCKS!!

Marcy said...

You're just saying it was "legal" in case the fam reads, right? :P I'm KIDDING!

Duuuddeee that is insane on the bike. It would take me a good hr AND 30-40 minutes to cover 26-27 miles. Which prompts the next question . . . how are you feeling? (Marcy points to "down there" LOL)

Marcy said...

Oops and thanks for getting my hopes up and shiz, I looked at the title really quick and thought it said "Marcy" not "mercy". My dreams were shattered ;-)

Jess said...

You can talk about your weight, Doug, just don't expect sympathy from the ladies.

Bill Carter said...

I'm still wondering about that massage thing, but I guess I can give you a pass... Hawaii?? I am so freaking jealous. That is one of the places I would absolutely love to go and the family and I have not been there yet. I'm going to definitely want to read your trip report on that one.

Dude, you have got to quite abusing that stationary bike. Isn't there a law against that or something??

Kim said...

WTF?! you killed that bike. i dont think it will ever be rideable again. how the fuck do you go that fast?