Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank You For Smoking

My run this morning was simply amazing. It wasn't the weather. Nope, not a blistering fast pace. Not even good company, I was running alone. In fact, I didn't even see another runner on the roads. Everybody was tucked in their nice warm beds, missing out on all the fun!

The run was good for another reason: the things I saw. A lot of things I normally don't notice.

  • Some sweet statues by a few houses I run by every day
  • A group of 5 squirrels darting every which way at the sight of me
  • One indecisive squirrel that changed directions 5 times, not sure exactly how to get out of my way
  • A few people that smiled as if to say "Yeah. I get it!"
  • A smoker
"Wait, what? How is a smoker a good thing?" you ask? I'll tell you! I was running through campus at a nice relaxed pace, just enjoying my run when I started coming up on another guy just minding his own business, sucking on a death stick.

Once I got close, he jumped! I scared the guy, me being the behemoth I am! In the process, he dropped his cigarette, and bent over to pick it up. The poor nicotine addicted fellow then saw the most awful thing in the world: his cigarette landed in a puddle. I. Laughed. My. Ass. Off. (Thats an LMAO, Marcy, I'm never sure if I need to translate for you!)

You're welcome, Mr. Smoker. I added 3 minutes to your life and you didn't even thank me, but at least you made my day! You better watch out, if I'm feeling generous next week I might do it again!


Nancy said...

I love a run when I don't see another runner, like the complete downpour I ran in that flooded my shuffle. No one else is crazy enough to be out, that means I am CRAZY STRONG!! The smokster was an added bonus!!


Mr. Larbi said...

By the way, hilarious about the smoker!

Marcy said...

Dude, you know it's bad when you go and BEND OVER to pick it back up and smoke it again. Dannngggg. Yup totally did homie a favor.

Christine said...

Sometimes I look down when I run and I'll look up and someone is coming at me and I literally jump out of my pants. THen I'm running down the street should try that one to somebody sometimes(jk). And yeah...its a hard decision between running and class.....sometimes running has to win or it just wouldn't be fair would it?