Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rainy Tempo Run

My alarm went off this morning and my brain sounded like an excuse machine.

"Bed warm. Outside cold."
"Bed dry. Outside wet."
"Sun sleeping. You should too."
"Yesterday ride hard. Today run easy."

But I got my feet on the floor, grabbed Nancy's club, got some food in me, and headed out the door. My legs were tired from yesterday, and I was expecting a bad run, but that didn't stop me from pounding out a hard tempo run. Here's the numbers:

7:56 (warmup)
0:34 (0.1 miles)
7:35 (cooldown)
2:25 (0.32 miles)

Tempo pace: 6:12
5K time: 19:15
Tempo HR: 181

After having every excuse in the book, this turned out to be one great run. I cut 30 seconds off my time from two weeks ago, and its also worth noting my 5K split was faster than a 5K race I ran this time a year ago. Lets get this party started.


Marcy said...

ROFLMAO Love how your "warmup" mile would be a "fast" mile for me. HAHAHAAA. That's OK, I'll just take Nancy's club and beat your legs with it. LOL JK!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah. Kill kill kill.

Nitmos said...

You are fast. Found your site and your profile lists "The Perfect Mile" as a read. That was a great book. Good luck breaking the 3 hour barrier. That would be huge!

nwgdc said...

nice work getting the run in! 6:02 MILE!? Holy Crap!

Jess said...

Wow, good for you, I would have let the warm, dry bed win!

Jes said...

wow! Good for you! I'm doing an easy two mile run tonight before pilates.

Nancy said...


Good for you!! I could practically feel my legs out there with you. Wish I could count the calorie burn. :D

Bill Carter said...

Hey Man

Great splits. What did you think you were running a race?? Next time you come back into town we are really going to tear it up. I find that those are some of the best runs when you just MAKE yourself do it.