Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekly Recap 01/07/08 - 01/13/08

Monday: Biked 21 miles in the morning, ab workout in the evening.

Tuesday: Ran 4 1/2 miles. Planned to swim in the evening, but it stormed and I figured the pool would close. Turned out the storm was over hyped and I was just a slacker!

Wednesday: Biked 21 miles in the morning, ab workout in the evening. Tipped over on my clipless pedals, whoops!

Thursday: Ran 5 1/2 miles before class, swam in the evening for 30-40 minutes.

Friday: Rest day! Planned to do an ab workout in the evening, but I tried something new for dinner that caused some seriously hazardous gasses!

Saturday: Ran 6 miles at Todd's Road, biked 10 miles in the evening. That night I did the ab workout I couldn't do Friday. I was worried about my hip before/during the run, there was a small twinge in it. It ended up being nothing.

Sunday: Swam for 30 minutes in the morning, ran 4 1/2 miles in the evening. Legs felt surprisingly good during the run! Hip felt great despite feeling a little off on Saturday.

Total run: 20.68 miles
Total bike: 52.04 miles
Total swim: 1 mile
RHR (Resting heart rate): 55 bpm

Great week of training! Last week I started feeling overtrained halfway through the week, mostly due to poor nutrition. Since being back at school I'm having a major focus on nutrition, and I can feel the difference already! My focus is on eating directly after a workout to aid recovery, along with eating healthier, but also eating more. I crunched the numbers and found on days that I do two sports, I generally need around 3200-3400 calories in order to sustain my energy level; even more than I'm used to!

My training volume has increase significantly from last week, but I still feel fresh at the end of the week which shows I'm adapting to the frequency of workouts and proves the better nutrition is helping. This was my first week running 20+ miles since getting injured! Lots of firsts these past few weeks, keep 'em comin'!


Jess said...

That's an awesome week Doug! Keep it up!

nwgdc said...

great week! you'll be an ironman in no time. just don't burn the candle at "all three ends" training for the triathlon too hard!

Nancy said...

Holy cow, I'm a slacker. You rock (my face off) !!

Bill Carter said...

Glad to hear you are doing so well.. those are some serious numbers. You've got to think that both your running and biking will benefit from the other. I can't believe how quickly you have ramped up your mileage on the bike and that must be attributable to your running.

Have a great start to the new year!

Stuart said...

The biking and running are starting to go hand in hand, do I see a du' on the horizon? Too cold for open water swimming right now!