Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Game On

Just finished my first tempo run of the year. Here are the numbers to improve on:

7:46 (warmup)
0:36 (0.1 mile)
7:26 (cooldown)
2:43 (0.36 miles)

Tempo pace: 6:22
5k time: 19:45
Tempo HR: 180 bpm
Garmin Data

Game on. Who wants to play?


Nancy said...

I think I can drive that fast. :D


Marcy said...

LOL Nancy!

I would use a 6:22 pace for a 5k race. Wanna help me out and run one for me? ;-)

nwgdc said...

your sub 3:00 buddy does!

Jess said...

Wow. If you improve, Doug, you won't be visible to the naked eye!

Ryan said...

I think that I actually run that fast, but my garmin is just too slow.

Stuart said...

I looked up Doug in the dictionary and it said "blur"...that's what your gonna be soon just a blur heading for the horizon!