Wednesday, January 16, 2008

With Nobody Watching

Get up.
Get out there.
Put your body in motion.
Is there anything better?

Your body's working in perfect orchestra,
Legs pumping,
Heart thumping.
Lungs inflating,
Heart waiting.

The sun rises.

Legs working double time,
Propelling you forward, three strides a second,
Attempting to get the lactic acid out.
Can't keep up.

Two miles to go.

The lactate builds up,
Legs begging for mercy,
Lungs screaming for air,
Heart thumping in its cage, three beats a second.

One mile to go.

Does anything hurt so good?

Is there any better reminder,
That champions are made when no one is watching?


Marcy said...

You need to scratch "champions" in that last sentence and replace it with "lunatics" :P

Nancy said...

When nobody is watching, I fire up TiVo. I guess that is probably your point! hee hee.

Jess said...

Look at you! A poet.

Jes said...

I love it!!!