Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ready, Set, ....

Alright guys, this next semester is staring me square in the face now! Break buzzed by, but I'm finally starting to get out of this mental vacation I've been on the past month. Today was unlike any I've had for the past couple weeks: crazy-productive!

My alarm went off at 8am. So I hit snooze. It went off again, so I turned it off, put my head under the covers and finally crawled out of bed around 9. Bad start, but I can still save it!

I jumped into my running shorts and flew down the stairs, up the hill, up the next hill, and into the wind. Four and a half miles later we have....

3:53 (for 0.56 miles)

It was a great run that got me ready to rock for the rest of the day.

BAM! Haircut!

BAM! Spent $300 on books!

BAM! TA Meeting!

BAM! Scheduled due dates, etc for the class I'm teaching!

BAM! Setup my website for my class!

BAM! Setup the laptop for class tomorrow!

BAM! Ate dinner!

BAM! Wrote a blog entry!

BAM! Said BAM! ten times!

If I can keep this crazy momentum going, I think I might graduate by next Thursday (as opposed to May 2012). That is, if people don't kill me from saying BAM! all the time!


Steve Stenzel said...


Marcy said...

Do I have to start calling you Emeril? :P

I was kinda hoping you'd slow down so maybe one day I could catch you :P

Bill Carter said...

Must be nice to get out of bed at nine. I don't even remember what that feels like...:-)

Nice splits... Bam!

I am definitely feeling the positive vibe here. Best of luck on having a great semester.

Jonathan said...

I love how you tagged the post with the search word "BAM"