Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekly Recap 12/31/07 - 1/6/08

Monday: I put 30 minutes in on the trainer in the basement, and did an ab workout in the afternoon. Fairly low key day until partying it up to bring in the new year!

Tuesday: I was hungover for the majority of the day, but still managed to get out for 4 1/2 miles.

Wednesday: Put in an hour on the trainer in the basement. Swam in the evening and quit early because I was drained. Did an ab workout after resting for a little bit, which tore my lower back apart in a bad way. This was a rough day all in all.

Thursday: Took the day off due to the lower back pains and generally feeling like I'm overtrained from my sharp increase in training.

Friday: Drove back to UK. Did an ab workout in the evening, being careful not to agitate my back again.

Saturday: Ran 5 1/2 miles, my longest distance since the Chicago Marathon! Also went out to buy my clipless pedals & cycling shoes.

Sunday: Ran 4 1/3 miles, then biked 10 miles later in the day. I somehow managed not to fall with my new pedals, but I know its still going to happen!

Total run: 14.42 miles
Total bike: 39.82 miles
Total swim: 0.5 miles (hey, at least its something, right?)


Not a bad week, although it was a reminder what a sharp increase in training and a poor diet will do to me. These last few days I've been eating really good to make sure I stay healthy, which has me feeling like a million bucks! After running a significant distance two days back to back, I'm really feeling like this hip injury is history! Watch out 2008!


Stuart said...

Keeping everything crossed for you (hah and me!) this year!

Ryan said...

Ahh, trainer rides in the basement. The only thing more fun is sticking your fingers into your spokes while on a trainer ride in the basement.