Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekly Recap 01/14/08 - 01/20/08

Monday: Stationary bike says I rode 25.34 miles, but I'm counting it as 20 since theres no air resistance, hills, etc. Did an ab workout in the evening.

Tuesday: Tempo run in the morning with 3.1 miles hard. Average tempo pace 6:22/mile, average HR 180bpm. Swam ~0.75 miles in the evening.

Wednesday: More stationary bike, again counted as 20 miles. Ab workout in the evening.

Thursday: Relaxed 5.5 miles, felt great the whole way! Swam ~0.75 miles in the evening.

Friday: Complete rest day. Slept in. No workouts at all. Rest days suck, I feel like I never actually wake up. Is that how non-runners feel all the time? I feel bad for them.

Saturday: Ran 7 miles out at Todd's Road at 7am. Put in more time on the stationary bike around 1pm. Ab workout in the evening.

Sunday: Swam 0.75 miles in the morning. Also had one of my coached record me for 50 yards so I can look at my technique (more below). Ran 4 1/2 miles in the afternoon.

Total run: 22.72 miles (+2 from last week)
Total bike: 60 miles (+8 from last week)
Total swim: 2.25 miles (+1.25 from last week)
RHR: 56 bpm


Another great week of training! My hip had a little twinge in it after my tempo run, but went away within 24 hours. I talked to my dad about it, and he explained it as there being scar tissue still deep inside the muscles. Whenever I push a little harder, it breaks it up a little bit deeper and as a result I can get sore for a short period of time, but it isn't anything to worry about. Over time, all the scar tissue should break free.

Just looking at this week makes me feel as though I should be exhausted; but I'm not in the least bit! I don't feel like this week was horribly challenging at the end of everything, which is a good sign I'm not over training. Regardless, before this week started I decided this next week was going to be an easy week. Even though I feel great, I'm going to back down for a week before pushing again for three weeks.

My weight has been all over the place this week. I think I just have a hard time eating enough when I'm busy with school. I never miss breakfast and I try to eat big meals when I'm at my apartment. I also bring healthy snacks (apples, bananas, clif bars, etc) whenever I go somewhere, but it doesn't seem to be enough!

As I mentioned above, I had my swimming technique recorded this week. And although some of it looks good, not all of it does! According to my coach, the good includes my rotation, keeping my body long, and a low stroke count (15-16 per lap). Things to work on include bringing my head forward to breathe (rather than back), stroke acceleration (arm accelerates throughout the stroke), and my kick. The main thing to work on is definitely my kick. My legs are flying absolutely everywhere. Once I get my kick under control, my drag will decrease (less water resistance) and my endurance should go up big time.

Here's the video, so you can see what I mean! Yes, its sideways and I'm not sure how to rotate it. Although, tilting my head helped me both watch the video and get water out of my ear!


Marcy said...

OK I NEVER want to hear you talk about your weight . . . .EVER again, since I know how much you weigh now :P

Nancy said...

Oh that's a great week, you arrogant exerciser. That last post is cracking me up. People complain about you being out there? Geesh. People need hobbies.

I think you totally count the miles, you did them, right???

The swimming looks great. As you get more confidence and get more comfortable, things will tighten up in your stroke.

Jess said...

I think you have to edit the video in your photo shop program -- once it's loaded into Blogger, you can't edit it at all.

Great week. You're like a machine!

Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah, with regards to my short mileage while IM training: I had some huge knee problems. Last year during Jan I ran 0 miles. This year, I'm already over 70 miles. I had to keep working up the mileage, and then I'd have to back off and work with a PT. It sucked. It's GREAT to now be running on a working knee!! (knock on wood!!)

Christine said...

No flip turn??? what? I'm going to have to teach ya!! haha. Keep up the good work!

Bill Carter said...

That was a pretty impressive week of exercise! I still think it is awesome and I am a little bit overwhelmed by the thought of exercising in 3 different disciplines. I have a feeling that when you do a triathalon race you are really going to tear it up.

I still can't believe people complain about runners. Must be some bitter couch potatoes if you ask me.

Best of luck.