Friday, January 18, 2008

What up Doc?

This post is just a bunch of random bits of information. Even though most my posts turn out that way, this time its on purpose!
  • I made the decision to switch to the PhD program. Although I still have to apply, I see no reason they would reject me. But that does mean I have to jump through the hoops of getting recommendations again; oh the joys!
  • My healthy diet is turning into habit. Yesterday, my Aunt sent me cookies. This huge tin of wonderful chocolate chip cookies! I ate 3 of them when they got here, and they're absolutely amazing. But, I have no urge to eat them. At all. I see bananas or cookies and consistently choose a banana. I look at my workouts the next few days and feel as though I can't afford to put crap in the tank. A good shift, but even I'm taken aback by it a little!
  • Today is a rest day, which means I'm bored out of my mind; I don't feel like I need it, but I scheduled it so I'm taking it! I've had 10 workouts (13 if you count ab workouts) in the past six days, and I'm not feeling it at all. Adapting? Maybe!
  • I'm scheduling a massage for next Friday to work any kinks out of my legs that are starting to show their heads; I figure its good for me physically and mentally, so why not? I'll call it a "treat" for working so hard lately.
  • Tomorrow has seven miles on the schedule; the farthest I've run post injury! I'm optimistic about it, as always! My hip is feeling stronger than ever, and I'm ready to push it a little bit farther. 9 on the 9th, here I come!
  • Finally, an endorsement for Vanilla over at Half-Fast. He's organizing a "Shave Your 5K" challenge. The idea is to see who can cut the most time, or percentage, off their 5K this year. See his post for the official rules. Go participate, even if its just because of his swawesome logo!
Okay, thats a lot more random than I thought I had; but its too late now; I hope everybody has a great weekend!


nwgdc said...

man, i know what you days are torture, especially early in the training cycle. i'm making it a point to stick to the schedule--don't run the first runs over the pre-determined speed, and stay consistent with the rest early. it'll be a life-saver later! have a great weekend, and congrats, DOC!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the shout, Doc. I should post a reminder.

My healthy choices are getting much better too. For some reason, though, I just stare at the raw veggies, they aren't doing it for me yet.

Marcy said...

What kind of massage are we talking about here, Doug? The legal or illegal kind? :P

Bill Carter said...


Look at you taking a day off AND getting a massage. I'll tell you what, your body will thank you for it and you will come back stronger. Marcy's comment just made me laugh, but it is a legitimate question. So???