Monday, January 28, 2008

The Thaw

Ahhh, finally! The weather is warming up!

These past few weeks have been rather cold, cold enough to keep me indoors on the bike, at least. Although it doesn't take THAT much, since I can't afford all the winter gear for biking (like the windproof shoe covers that cost nearly $100). Regardless, I finally made it out on the bike today. Out as in outside. As in not inside. It was amazing.

Looking at the forecast, this shouldn't just be a one time thing, either! We're looking at mid 40's for at least the next week. The only bummer is that the official TNT bike practices are going to be group sessions on trainers until it really warms up, but I'll at least be able to get outside twice a week on the bike.

Today's ride was great; I had a new high average speed for my 21 mile route, and also started to get the hang of riding one handed. The one handed thing is a big step for me, since currently my balance is atrocious if I remove my hands from the bike; something I need to learn so I can eat and drink without stopping! Here's the stats for today:

Time: 1:13:39
Distance: 21.23 miles
Speed: 17.3 mph
Cadence: 92 rpm
HR: 160 bpm

It's obvious the stationary bike and real biking don't even come close to comparing. I know wind resistance and hills play a roll, but there still has to be some additional error on the stationary bike, because thats a huge difference from the 27 MPH I clocked a week ago!

Tomorrow is my second tempo run for the year, and its supposed to rain. You know I love running fast. And I love running in the rain. Tomorrow is going to be good.


Nancy said...

Hey Doug, congrats on joining up with TNT and on the last week. You're doing great. I haven't been avoiding you, you still RMFO, I've just been sick with something weird. I hope to be back soon. I hope you are enjoying the thaw. It was so nice here but I spent most of the day in bed, totally pissed me off. Run one for me, will ya?

Anonymous said...

O man... I love running in the rain too!
Also, regarding stationary bikes, you're spot on. There's no comparison. My coach basically hates them and will do anything in his power to keep me off of one.
In addition to giving you a false experience, they ruin your pedal stroke and don't require you to balance your bike, which means you're using significantly fewer muscles.
That said, the coaches over at Carmichael Training Systmes just lovvvvvvve giving trainer workouts, so they can't be all bad, right?

Stuart said...

Nice average speed, that's the benefit of living on a pancake I guess!

Stationary bikes are just so far off the mark, start scoping out a trainer on Ebay or Craigslist, mind you with the weather warming up you should be fine. Oh yes and check out loads of winter goodies on blowout.