Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Okay. I'll admit it. It finally happened. I fell today. I accidentally completed the cyclists "Rite of Passage," and here is how it happened:
  1. Approach intersection
  2. Unclip both feet to stop
  3. Stop successfully with both feet on the ground
  4. Drink Gatorade. Ahhhh, thats the stuff!
  5. Clip in left foot
  6. Wait for the only car on the road to go through intersection
  7. Tip over
  8. Start laughing so I can tell myself the driver is laughing with me, not at me
And thats about how it happened. I'm still not even sure why I tipped over. I wasn't stopping, and I wasn't even starting yet, but down I went. I didn't get hurt, it was really in super slow motion, but there was nothing I could do to stop it!

Besides that, today was a great ride. Nearly every driver I saw today gave a friendly wave, every dog was completely uninterested in me, and the weather was perfect! I really need to bring my camera along with me one of these times, but I think I'm going to wait until Spring when its really beautiful out there.

I was a little bit slower than Monday, my legs were a little tired and just not feeling it, but here's the stats:

Distance: 21.16
Time: 1:17:06
Speed: 16.5 MPH
Average Heart Rate: 158 bpm
Garmin Data

In other news I taught my First. Class. Ever. tonight! It definitely could have gone better, but it was my first time so I'm not being too critical on myself, just thinking about what I can do for improvement. I covered a huge amount more than I thought I would; 75 minutes is a long time! I also need to slow down and elaborate more. Live and learn, right?

Bill - If you became an ex-runner because of me, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. At worst, get a bike and use cross training to replace your easy days. Do you even have easy days? :)

Marcy - Don't be a big sissy, or I'll steal your lunch money! Also, you really don't want to call me Emeril, that would imply that I didn't screw up a frozen pizza and noodles back to back a few weeks ago!


Jess said...

Well, now you have the all done and over with. What a relief, right?

Nancy said...

OOOOHHHH man, I'm sorry you fell. Good attitude, just be careful out there. Those clippy things sound scary. :D

My god you are productive. That last post was amazing. That is quite the pace.

Ryan said...

I looked at your garmin data. Did your "spill" come around mile 10, you have a spike in you HR there. If I ever do that I'm sure my HR will spike too.

Bill Carter said...

Sorry to hear about the wipe out, but I guess it had to happen sometime. I have heard that the whole toeclip thing takes a lot of practice and you've done very well with it so far.

It is still very odd for me to think about you covering all those miles that quickly... to a runner mindset it just doesn't make sense.